Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (2023)

The Lost Island is an add-on for Ark: Survival Evolved. The DLC was released on December 14, 2021 and is available to everyone. The expansion map has different resources that you can collect. There are various items to collect here, such as consumables, loot, and more. On the Lost Island: Ark Survival Evolved resource map, you will find items scattered throughout the map. To find them, we have prepared this guide that covers all the main points where you can collect these items and resources.

But resources aren't the only feature of the Lost Island DLC. He has a ruined city in the Redwood biome that you can explore. Here on the map you will come across several ships scattered across the ocean, one of which is located in a cave. Lava pools or streams in the Lost Isle map are similar to those found in other maps. But these Lava Pools or Streams do less damage than on other maps.


  • 1 All resources in Lost Island: Ark Survival
    • 1.1 Flint, metals and stones
    • 1.2 Crystals
    • 1.3 Polymer
    • 1.4 cement paste
    • 1.5 Chitin
    • 1.6
    • 1.7 quartz pearl
    • 1.8 Oil
    • 1.9 Black Pearl
    • 1.10 Obsidian
    • 1.11 blue gems
    • 1.12 Sulfur
    • 1.13 Silk
    • 1.14 cactus juice
    • 1.15 Rare flowers and rare mushrooms
    • 1.16 Green and red gems
    • 1.17 Salt
    • 1.18 Fiber, straw and wood

All resources in Lost Island: Ark Survival

At the same time, on the Lost Island you will find many items. Thanks to this DLC, farming items has become much easier. To research it, you can tame the Crystal Wyvern and spawn it on the Lost Isle.

Flint, metals and stones

Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (1)

First of all, we will start with flint, metals and stones. These items are used to craft weapons, poisons, cook food, etc. This means they help craft items for the early game.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (2)

To find flint, metals and stones, you will have to travel to the northern region. There, in the middle of the map, you will find Metal Mountain Peak at 21,7 and 45,7 latitude and longitude.

Next comes the volcanic sump at 23,3 and 59,8 latitude and longitude.

To get the last pile of metal and other similar resources, you will have to cross the ocean and get to the desert. This area is reserved for late players, so you don't have to worry if you're still in the early game.


Next up are crystals, which are advanced resources as they help create advanced cooling elements. Cooling elements include air conditioners and refrigerators. Air conditioners help you survive in warmer climates, and a refrigerator helps you keep food longer.


(Video) The BEST Resource Locations on Lost Island

Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (3)

The first batch of crystals can be found on the southeast coast. From here, head to latitude 61,9 and longitude 61,2. You will find some crystal blocks.

The second mining site for these crystals is at the top of the North Mountain at latitude 20,2 and longitude 50,6.

The last crystal reservoir is at latitude 20,8 and longitude 67,5. The place is known as Volcano Peak.


Polymer is the next resource on the list that we will be collecting on the Ark Lost Island map in Ark Survival Evolved. There are two types of polymer in the game. We will not focus on anything else and will focus on the organic polymer. You can find it by killing small insects like mantis. After that, use the chainsaw or pets to collect the organic polymer. You can also use wyvern breath to kill mantises.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (4)

To collect the organic polymer, you will have to travel to the desert at the bottom of the map. There, collect polymers by killing praying mantises.

If you haven't made it to the desert yet, you can collect them by killing penguins in the snow zone.

cement paste

Cement Paste is a nice little resource to help you create various items. You can create cement paste using other resources, or you can just collect it. Collecting will save you the hassle of finding other resources to craft it. You can find cement paste in beaver dams in rivers. Two notable places where we came across beaver dams are as follows:


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (5)

At latitude 57,9 and longitude 68,6, in a river on the southeast coast, we came across a smaller beaver dam. Walking along the river bank, we came across a larger beaver dam. Be sure to check it out too.


Another resource found on the Lost Island Expansion map in Ark Survival Evolved is Chitin. The Ark Lost Island expansion map contains a huge amount of chitin. Used to make armor and cement paste. You can research chitin after unlocking engrams. To collect chitin, you will have to kill creatures that grow it naturally.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (6)

To do this, we recommend checking the Falls at 37,1 latitude and 32,6 longitude. There you will have to kill several creatures that drop chitin.

quartz pearl

Quartz Pearls are the next resource we collect in the Lost Island DLC for Ark Survival Evolved. To collect quartz pearls, you will have to dive into the ocean. You will find it at the bottom of the ocean, so you will need diving gear or the player will drown.

(Video) ARK: LOST ISLAND RESOURCE GUIDE! - ARK: Survival Evolved


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (7)

You can find it on the east coast at 35,0 latitude and 87,6 longitude.

Another shipment of Quartz Pearls is located at latitude 11,9 and longitude 43,1 on the north coast.


Oil is just as important in Ark Survival Evolved as it is in real life. And the Ark Lost Island expansion map ensures you find enough if it's in deep waters. To do this, you again need scuba gear. While there is no specific location in the Lost Island Expansion DLC where an oil tank can be found, you can find one just about anywhere. But if you look at the places we have indicated, you will stumble upon a fair amount of water bodies.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (8)

The first location is next to the sunken ship. Its location is 12,0 latitude and 43,1 longitude. The next one is on the southwestern edge of the tribe at 66,7 latitude and 12,2 longitude.

Black Pearl

One of the rarest resources in Ark Survival Evolved is Black Pearl. In the Lost Island Expansion add-on, you can find black pearls in several different places. This will help you create Tek level items and more. Since Tek items are late game items, you won't have to mess around with them in the early and mid game. You will need snorkeling equipment to get to the bottom of the ocean and collect these black pearls. Some famous places for black pearls:


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (9)

The first place we stumbled upon the Black Pearl was near Southwest Island. It was at 80,0 latitude and 31,5 longitude.

Another location was in a cave in the Midland swamp. The cave is under water and has coordinates of 59,0 latitude and 47,5 longitude.


Obsidian is a resource that is much easier to find on the Ark Lost Island expansion map in Ark Survival Evolved. This is because the island is a continental volcano. You will find several obsidian deposits around the volcano. Several obsidian deposits are located in the cave system on the expansion map. That being said, if you enjoy exploring the caves in Ark Survival Evolved, check out our Ark caves guide to learn more about them. Obsidian is used to make obsidian tools, cameras, cannonballs, etc.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (10)

Location of Volcanic Carter: 24,3 latitude and 59,5 longitude.

Remember the cave in the Midland swamp, it also had obsidian with black pearls. Its location is 59 latitude and 47,5 longitude.

blue gems

Blue gems are just as rare as black pearls. Unlike the Black Pearl, you don't have to dive to the bottom of the ocean to get it. You will find blue gems located on the island. Glider Suits are some of the items crafted with Blue Gems.

(Video) Lost Island Complete Resource Guide - Ark Survival Evolved.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (11)

The blue gems are in the southeast cave. To get them, you need to go to latitude 55.6 and longitude 70.8.


Sulfur is another resource that won't come in handy in early games. This is a mid-game item as it crafts fuel, flamethrowers, and canning salts. You can use it to feed some tameable creatures.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (12)

Sulfur is found in a volcanic crater. To get to the volcanic crater, head to 24,3 latitude and 59,5 longitude.


Another useful resource in Ark Survival Evolved is silk. You will find it in various locations on the Ark Lost Island expansion map. It comes in very handy in the desert biome, as it helps craft desert armor, whips, and tents. Silk is collected from limantria and other animals of this kind. To assemble it, you will need a Sabertooth Tiger or a metal axe.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (13)

Alternatively, you can harvest it from white and purple flowers found in the Northwest Desert. The place where these flowers are located is 83,2 latitude and 44,3 longitude.

cactus juice

You get cactus juice from cacti. By hitting cacti with the player's fists in the desert biome, they obtain cactus sap. If you're at the start of the game, this can come in handy if your player is thirsty in the desert. It can be used to make a unique food called cactus broth. You can use it to craft resources such as Clay and Fuel.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (14)

You will encounter cacti while exploring the desert part of the map. But during our exploration, we came across some cacti at latitude 88,0 and longitude 64,9.

Rare flowers and rare mushrooms

Rare Flowers and Mushrooms are interesting resources that can be found on the Lost Isle in Ark Survival Evolved. If you eat Rare Blue Flowers, it will provoke all untamed creatures and they will attack you. But with them you can create interesting resources. Fertilizers, warstone, low-quality antidote, exceptional food, and mind tonic are some of these resources.

But for Rare Mushrooms, if you eat them, the player will receive terrible hallucinogens. But again, they are very useful. They are used to make Low Quality Antidote, Fertilizer, Premium Coarse Feed, Tonic, and Grilled Steak. You can find these rare items at beaver dams or by using the Therizinosaurus while swimming. Here are some places where you can find these rare flowers and mushrooms:


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (15)Rare flowers and a rare fungus are often found together in the same place: the Marais du Sud at 58,5 latitude and 49,7 longitude.


A river off the southeast coast at 57,9 latitude and 68,6 longitude.

Green and red gems

Green gems and red gems are scarce resources in Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved. You will need Green Gems to craft the Basilisk Saddle, Climbing Spike, Essence, and Light Staff. Whereas the Gas Collector, Charging Lantern, and Tek Railgun all require red gems. You will find these gems in the northern part of the map. Their specific location


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (16)

At latitude 20,75 and longitude 21,51 you can find these gems off the northwest coast.

As you move away from the west coast, you will find deposits of them at about 47,24 latitude and 25,4 longitude.

There are several deposits of these gems on the Small Island in the northeast. Their location: 23.17 latitude and 77.04 longitude.


Salt is just as important in Ark Survival Evolved as it is in our daily lives. It is used to make the best food in the game. Some notable salt recipes in Ark Survival Evolved that require it are boiled egg, fish stew, goulash soup, jerky, etc.


Ark Lost Island: Resource Map - where to find and how to get (17)

You can find salt deposits in the form of large white cubic crystals at latitude 84,64 and longitude 51,41.

Another place where these deposits can be found is on the northern coast of the continent. Its coordinates are 19,78 latitude and 46,24 longitude.

Fiber, straw and wood

Fiber, straw and wood are some of the most common and basic resources in the game. These are the main crafting materials in the game. The player uses these resources to craft core items to ensure they survive when starting a new one. The Ark Survival Evolved Lost Island Expansion Map cannot be cheap with these resources. You will find these resources in every corner of the map. You can get them from bushes, cacti, ground branches and trees all over the map.

To collect them, you can use fists, axes, and pickaxes.

You'll find all of these resources in the Lost Island add-on for Ark Survival Evolved. Although some of these resources are hard to find. But with our guide you will collect them without any problems.


Where is the best location for resources in Ark Lost island? ›

At 89, 70 desert biome, users can find a lot of metal on and around the mountain. It is also the largest metal spawning spot on the entire Lost Island map. Those living in the snow castle can go to a nearby snow mountain at 38, 38. There will be a tiny amount of rich metal nodes.

What is the best map for resources in Ark? ›

Best Maps In ARK: Survival Evolved (2023)
  • 6 Scorched Earth.
  • 5 Valguero.
  • 4 Aberration.
  • 3 Crystal Isles.
  • 2 Ragnarok.
  • 1 Lost Island.
Dec 18, 2022

What islands to prioritize Lost Ark? ›

Best islands in Lost Ark: starter route
  • The Lonely Island. We've mentioned him a few times by now, but for the sake of keeping this list complete: be sure to visit Opher on The Lonely Island. ...
  • Golden Wave Island. ...
  • Panda Island. ...
  • Turtle Island. ...
  • Serenity Island. ...
  • Peyto, Glacier Island, Lullaby Island, and Dreamgull Island.
Apr 26, 2022

What is the best resource to farm in Lost Ark? ›

Platinum Fields. The Platinum Fields is a great mining spot, especially in the late game of Lost Ark. These fields are full of various resources whether it comes to fishing, foraging, logging, and mining. You would be able to find a lot of mining nodes and veins that you can mine to collect useful materials.

What monster is on Lost island ark? ›

As the first official community map, ARK Lost Island offers three different, unique monsters that can't be found anywhere else – the Amargasaurus, Dinopithecus and Sinomacrops. All three monsters are completely different in design, strengths, weaknesses and benefits.

What is the goal in Ark Lost island? ›

The goal is really to survive and tame creatures to do the bosses on each map. Starting with the island, then going to scorched Earth, then abberation, then Extinction. Each map has a unique playstyle you have to adapt to to be able to complete.

How do you know where the island spawns in Lost Ark? ›

Lookout in the area chat, as other players will make known which spawn location it's set to appear at, along with what channel it can be found in.

What Dino is best for resource ark? ›

Mammoths are the best for gathering wood, while larger dinos like the Triceratops will harvest thatch from trees. Therizinosaurs are perfect for foraging fiber. The Doedicurus excels at gathering stone, while the Ankylosaurus is the bees knees for gathering flint, metal, crystal, rare mushrooms, and rare flowers.

What is the easiest map to beat in ark? ›

What Ark Map is the Easiest? For sure, it's the Island. The base map of the game, all other maps are expansion packs or DLC maps which came after the Island. So, definitely, this one is the easiest and most popular among the Ark community.

Where is the secret area in Lost Ark? ›

Where to find secret area in Dalian Secret Orchard. Teleport, or walk if you're close, back to the Sien Inn area, and then head due west along the road. At the end is a small cabin you can enter.

Where is the lost island in real life? ›

There's probably also some of the lost island deep down in Earth, about 6 miles (10 kilometers) below modern Mauritius, a much smaller volcanic island in the Indian Ocean that appeared 9 million years ago.

Where is the secret forest on the map Lost Ark? ›

Secret Forest is one of the Locations in the World Map of Lost Ark. It is located in Punika.

What is the best 1st character in Lost Ark? ›

For this reason, any of the warrior class options - such as the Berserker, Gunlancer or Paladin - are good first choices for beginners. They have a fairly straightforward playstyle, and as they are able to tank a lot of damage, they allow new players to make some mistakes without being punished too heavily.

What is the hardest island in Lost Ark? ›

The Isle Of Yearning island can be one of the most difficult of islands to obtain the island token in Lost Ark. Time and patience must be on your side as there are 2 stages to this quest. Before adventuring here, you should get to the recommended level for this island.

What is the fastest island in Lost Ark? ›

Golden Wave Island (~5 minutes)

What is the most useful Lost Ark class? ›

Best Lost Ark classes: PvE

Up in the S-tier are two Warrior classes: Berserker, and Gunlancer. They're accompanied once more by the Bard, and the Destroyer. The Paladin class has moved to the top in the most recent meta, thanks to its support skillset.

Which life skill is the most profitable Lost Ark? ›

Excavating is objectively the best life skill to pursue on paper. It gives you materials for Oreha fusion and life skill crafting. It drains the life skill gauge the fastest out of the three while having the highest yields for successfully passing the mini-game (it can give you up to eight times the original reward).

What is the easiest way to make money in Lost Ark? ›

Best Ways to Get Gold in Lost Ark – Daily and Weekly Activities
  1. Abyssal Dungeons or Raids. Every Dungeon or Raid has a chance to drop Gold. ...
  2. Una's Tasks. A Daily Task is awarded with two points, and a Weekly Task rewards 12 points. ...
  3. Chaos Gates. Use Procyon's Compass to find one. ...
  4. Adventure Islands.
May 20, 2022

What is the rarest dino on Lost island Ark? ›

The Phoenix is by far the rarest creature in all of ARK: Survival Evolved. Not only does just one spawn per map, but it will also need to be a heatwave for the mythical beast to appear. It will only ever appear on the Scorched Earth map, however it will re-spawn if the heatwave continues.

What is the best tame in Lost island? ›

1) Argentavis

Argentavis or Argy is one of the most helpful flying tames on ARK Lost Island. Due to their efficiency in almost every task, these creatures are called the 'Jack of All Trades'. With a skilled rider, Argentavis can play the roles of war mount, alpha slayer, transporter, and tame companion.

Who is the boss in Lost island? ›

The Dinopithecus King is a Boss in ARK: Survival Evolved's Expansion Map Lost Island.

What is the pay to win in Lost Ark? ›

The question has been answered many times: ".. is it pay to win? ... no, the things you can buy are all just cosmetic". There you have it. If you buy something, that merely alters the looks of your character or anything else, it's not pay to win.

Is Lost Island bigger than Crystal Isles? ›

Lost Island has the same size but it's more of an underwater adventure and Crystal Isles has more land mass due to the floating islands.

Is Lost Island bigger than Ragnarok? ›

Size. Ragnarok is approximately 2.5x the size of The Island, in terms of land mass, and roughly 4x in total size.

What is the Tooki Island 30 times? ›

Similarly, to get a Giant's Heart from Tooki Island, you must complete the Tooki Island Una Task “Taking on Tooki” 30 times. By finishing it 30 times, you will complete the third and final level of Killing the King, rewarding you with the Giant's Heart.

How many islands are in Lost Ark? ›

There are over one hundred islands in Lost Ark, with roughly 90 Island Tokens to be found across them.

Is there an underground in Lost Island ark? ›

The Shoola Falls Cave is a cave in the Lost Island DLC. Artifact of the Strong, needed to summon the Dinopithecus King.

What is the strongest tameable creature in Ark? ›

Giganotosaurus is the strongest of all the tamable creatures in Ark. However, there are bosses in the game that are even 10 times more powerful than Giganotosaurus. Moreover, you can go with a Rex that is quite more aggressive than a Giganotosaurus.

What is the hardest hitting dino in Ark? ›

Giganotosaurus is the most powerful dinosaur that you can tame in Ark. With its huge size Giganotosaurus is capable of tearing its enemy into pieces. This creature is not only best for combats but it also has a great health stat of 80000 points.

Which Ark map has the most metal? ›

Located under the sea, The Caverns of Time is the best metal spawning location on the entire ARK Fjordur map. To reach The Caverns of Time, players have to reach 86.4, 98.2, and dive straight under the sea till they see a portal.

What is the Ark map that has everything? ›

Ragnarok is an extremely large map that has a little bit of everything. It has nice weather, environment, dinosaurs, farming opportunities, and much more. It is a great spot for exploring and getting to know the game altogether.

What collects the most oil in Ark? ›

You can mine Oil from Dark Stone with a Stone Pick or a Metal Pick, with the latter being far more efficient. However, the most effective way of gathering Oil is by using a tamed Dunkleosteus or Anklyosaurus, as they can get the most from each Dark Stone.

What are secret maps? ›

Secret Maps is a special type of map, which contains curiosities, local specialties, anniversaries and events from many places around the world.

What is secret Lost Ark? ›

In Secrets of the Lost Ark, a team of archaeological experts is on a quest to reveal the secrets and mysteries surrounding the Ark of the Covenant. Save on each episode with a TV Season Pass. Get current episodes now and future ones when available.

How do you get into the secret entrance in Lost Ark? ›

Talking to all the fairies will trigger the second quest in the chain which directs you toward a secret passage on the east side of the island. Go to the location and play the Song of Resonance to enter the cave.

Does anyone make it off the Island lost? ›

Only two attempts at escaping the island were successful, the Oceanic Six Escape and the Ajira Escape. Only one of the Oceanic Six was on the second rescue, Kate. The other members of the Oceanic Six (minus Aaron) died upon returning to the island, with the exception of Hurley, who remained behind.

Is Lost island a purgatory? ›

The pair said the island was never purgatory, as widely believed. “No, no, no. They were not dead the whole time,” Cuse said, explaining that footage of the plane wreckage at the end of the show was meant to act as a buffer.

What is the giant monster in Lost? ›

The fictional character and the main antagonist on the American ABC television series Lost is most frequently referred to as The Man in Black (but also referred to as "The Smoke Monster" or simply "The Monster" by the main characters).

Where is the best place to forest Lost Ark? ›

Located in West Luterra, Bilbrin Forest is one of the best hunting locations for Lost Ark players due to how straightforward the location is.

Where is the best logging map in Lost Ark? ›

The best logging spot in Lost Ark early in the game is Bilbrin Forest in West Luterra. It is one of the first areas you uncover after learning to craft, and it has wood nodes right across the entire zone.

Where is the secret in the forest? ›

The hidden stash room can be found in Cave 2 - Hanging Cave. There are multiple entrances to access the room. The closest one is near the Lakeside Village, theres a path that leads from the village to the cave entrance, it leads away from the lake in the opposite direction.

Are there gems on Lost island ark? ›

Blue Gems are a resource introduced in Aberration and also available on Valguero, Genesis: Part 1, Crystal Isles, Genesis: Part 2, Lost Island, and Fjordur. They are used for crafting various items.

What are metal resources in Lost island? ›

Metal is an essential resource in ARK: Lost Island. It can be mined from many types of rocks, but a few hold a substantial amount. Metal rocks usually look golden and smoother than normal rocks. Using forges, Magmasaur, or Phoenix metal ores can be smelted into ingots.

Is there element on Lost island ark? ›

In Ark Survival Evolved, Element is a primary ingredient required for the endgame Tek Tier. On the recently released non-canonical map Lost Island, this material's availability is lesser compared to Genesis 2. Element is much rarer on this low Tek map.

What are the most valuable gems in Lost Ark? ›

The Best Lost Ark Gems

The Azure Lost Ark Gems are the most sought-after gems and this is noticeable if you look at the prices on the Auction House. This is due to most builds making better use of the increased damage over the cooldown.

Are there rock drakes on lost island? ›

Equip a Rock Drake with this to ride it. The Rock Drake Saddle is a saddle introduced in Aberration and also available on Valguero, Crystal Isles, Genesis: Part 2, Lost Island and Fjordur.

Who is the boss in Lost Island? ›

The Dinopithecus King is a Boss in ARK: Survival Evolved's Expansion Map Lost Island.

Can you grind element into dust? ›

Element, is by finding and defending the Element Nodes spawned around the Wasteland. Element Dust can then be crafted at a City Terminal by breaking down (at an 80% loss) Element and its shards into 200 and 2 dust each, respectively. Gacha Crystals as a production option.

Can you get chainsaw on ark lost island? ›

The Chainsaw is a tool introduced in Scorched Earth and also available on Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Genesis: Part 2, Lost Island and Fjordur.

How many island tokens are in Lost Ark? ›

There are over one hundred islands in Lost Ark, with roughly 90 Island Tokens to be found across them. There are also many types of islands to look out for, and earning Island Tokens changes between them.

Is there a desert in Ark Lost Island? ›

Desert Labyrinth is located in the extreme southwest of the ARK: Lost Island map, in the desert biome. The GPS tags are 92.3 LAT 80.5 LON. Reaching that location, one can see a beautiful stone gate with four arches on the cliffside. That is the entrance to the Desert Labyrinth or Temple of the Forgotten.


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