Essential Cheats and Commands for ARK: Lost Island (2023)

Survival games are challenging by nature, and ARK: Lost Island is no exception. Survivors have to fight the natural elements, hunger, thirst, and a vast map full of dinosaurs and various other dangerous creatures, including the boss creatures. If that wasn't already enough, players even have to fight other players and tribes in PvP mode.

Essential Cheats and Commands for ARK: Lost Island (1)

Sometimes, the challenge might seem too hard and take away the fun and relaxing mood of the game. That's where cheats come in handy. They give everything from minor boosts like refilling stats, changing weather to massive ones like spawning and taming dinosaurs, making the player invincible, etc. This article lists some basic cheats and commands that every survivor can use depending on their needs.

ARK: Lost Island essential cheats and commands for PC and consoles

For multiplayers, if one has the admin password, they are required to type 'EnableCheats <password>' before they can use cheats. Also, in multiplayer servers, some cheats might require the prefix 'admincheat' to activate. In singleplayer mode, one just has to type the cheats to enable them, no activation is required. ARK: Lost Island cheats are not case sensitive. To enter cheats, one has to press TAB on PC, “ ` ” on Stadia, or on consoles they can do so by entering the pause screen, and pressing LB, RB, X, Y on the Xbox or, L1, R1, Box and Triangle on PlayStation.

1. Player Cheats:

God - Toggles godmode, protects the player from all damage, except drowning.

InfiniteStats - Refills health, stamina, oxygen, food, and water

GMBuff - Godmode plus infinitestats and additional experience points

EnemyInvisible - All creatures ignore the player, even when attacked

LeaveMeAlone - Combines the cheats God, InfiniteStats, and EnemyInvisible

ChangeSize <value> - Changes the character's size, the default value being 1

Fly - Allows the character to fly

Ghost - Players can pass through any obstacles

Walk - To disable 'Fly' or 'Ghost' mode

GiveEngrams - Unlocks all engrams

DoTame - Tames pointed dinosaur (if it's tamable)

ForceTame - Tames the pointed dinosaur, even if it's not tamable

2. Creative Mode:

Essential Cheats and Commands for ARK: Lost Island (3)

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GiveCreativeMode - Creativemode is a difficulty setting in the game. It removes the weight carrying limits, unlocks all engrams, activates godmode, infinite stats, and flying ability

GiveCreativeModeToTarget - Activates creative mode for the pointed player

GiveCreativeModeToPlayer <PlayerID> - Activates creative mode for a player using their ID

3. Teleportation:

TPCoords <Lat> <Lon> <Altitude> - Teleports the player to the specified location

Teleport - Moves the player forward until they collide with something

TeleportPlayerIDToMe <PlayerID> - Teleports another specified player to the player

TeleportToPlayer <PlayerID> - Teleportes the player to a specified player

4. Weapons and Armors:

Essential Cheats and Commands for ARK: Lost Island (4)

GiveWeaponSet <Tier> <Quality> - Gives the player all the weapons of the specified tier and quality

Weapon tier options can be entered as:

0: Bow, Pike, Spear, Bola

1: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Longneck Rifle, Sword, Grenade

2: Compound Bow, Fabricated Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, C4 Charge

3: Tek Grenade, Tek Rifle, Tek Railgun, Tek Sword

Weapon quality options are: Primitive, Ramshackle, Apprentice, Journeyman, Mastercraft, Ascendant, Alpha

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GiveArmorSet <Tier> <Quality> - Gives the player full armor set for the specified tier and equips it

Armor tier options can be entered as a number or word:

0: Cloth

1: Chitin

2: Metal

3: Tek

Also, these special suits: Hide, Fur, Desert, Ghillie, Riot, Scuba, Hazard

Armor quality options are the same as the options for weapons, as mentioned above.

AddEquipmentDurability <Quantity> - Adds desired quantity of durability or water or energy to items in hotbar and equipped armor

5. Item Spawning:

Essential Cheats and Commands for ARK: Lost Island (5)

GiveItemNum <ItemNum> <Quantity> <Quality> <ForceBlueprint> - Gives any specified item to the player. <ItemNum> being the item ID, <Quantity> the quantity, <Quality> quality of the spawned item. If the blueprint of an item is needed, only then <ForceBlueprint> will be '1', otherwise, it'll be '0'.

GiveItemNumToPlayer <PlayerID> <ItemNum> <Quantity> <Quality> <ForceBlueprint> - <PlayerID> ID of the targeted player, everything else the same as above.

Setting ForceBlueprint to 'true' or '1' will give the blueprint, while setting it to 'false' or '0' will add the item itself.

6. Creature Spawning:

Essential Cheats and Commands for ARK: Lost Island (6)

Summon <Creature ID> - Spawns the specified creature

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SummonTamed <Creature ID> - Spawns a tamed creature

GMSummon <Creature ID> <level> - Spawns a forcetamed creature of a specified level

GiveDinoSet <tier> <quantity> - Spawns set of dinos with saddles

Creature ID should be entered to spawn creatures.

Tier options can be entered as a number or word:

0: Raptor, Dilo, Trike

1: Raptor, Carnotaurus, Thylacoleo

2: Rex, Spino, Paracer, Therizinosaur

3: Rex, Rex with Tek Saddle, Daeodon, Yutyrannus, Therizinosaur

Flyers: Pteranodon, Tapejara with Tek Saddle, Argentavis, Quetzal

Mek: 3 Meks, one with each module

SiegeMek: Mek, M.S.C.M., Element, Cannon Shell (Extinction)

MissleMek: Mek, M.R.L.M., Element, Rocketpod

ShieldMek: Mek, M.D.S.M., Element

Argent: Argentavis

Extinction: Enforcer, Gasbags, Snow Owl, Gacha, Managarmr, Velonasaur

7. Lost Island Cheats:

Essential Cheats and Commands for ARK: Lost Island (7)

SummonTamed “Sinomacrops_Character_BP_C” <Level> - Spawns a tamed Sinomacrops of the specified level

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SummonTamed “Dinopithecus_Character_BP_C” <Level> - Spawns a tamed Dinopithecus of the specified level

SummonTamed “Amargasaurus_Character_BP_C” <Level> - Spawns a tamed Amargasaurus of the specified level

GFI Amar 1 0 0 - Spawns one primitive Amargasaurus saddle

GFI Poop 1 0 0 - Adds Dinopithecus feces to the inventory

Cheat TP Red - Teleports the player to the Red portal

Cheat TP Blue - Teleports the player to the Blue portal

Cheat TP Green - Teleports the player to the Green portal

GFI Bosstribute_LostIsland_Hard 1 0 1 - Adds alpha boss tribute items to the player's inventory

GFI Bosstribute_LostIsland_Medium 1 0 1 - Adds beta boss tribute items to the player's inventory

GFI Bosstribute_LostIsland_Easy 1 0 1 - Adds gamma boss tribute items to the player's inventory

GFI Costume_Dinopithecus 1 0 0 - Adds Dinopithecus costume to the player's inventory

GFI Dinopithecus 1 0 0 - Adds standard Dinopithecus trophy to the player's inventory

GFI Dinopithecus_Hard 1 0 0 - Adds alpha Dinopithecus trophy to the player's inventory

GFI Dinopithecus_Medium 1 0 0 - Adds beta Dinopithecus trophy to the player's inventory

GFI Dinopithecus_Easy 1 0 0 - Adds gamma Dinopithecus trophy to the player's inventory

GFI Flag_BossDinopithecus 1 0 0 - Adds Dinopithecus boss flag to player's inventory

GMSummon BossDinopithecus_Character_BP_C - Summons a forcetamed Dinopithecus king

Note: Some cheats might not work properly due to some server restrictions, game version updates, and many other factors, but most of these cheats should work.

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Essential Cheats and Commands for ARK: Lost Island? ›

The Artifact of the Lost is one of the Artifacts in ARK: Survival Evolved only found on the Crystal Isles map in underwater tunnels, entrance to which is located around 18.5, 40.8. The command cheat gfi PrimalItemArtifactAB_4 10 1 0 will give you 10 Artifact Of The Losts.

What is the command for the lost island artifact in Ark? ›

The Artifact of the Lost is one of the Artifacts in ARK: Survival Evolved only found on the Crystal Isles map in underwater tunnels, entrance to which is located around 18.5, 40.8. The command cheat gfi PrimalItemArtifactAB_4 10 1 0 will give you 10 Artifact Of The Losts.

What is the most overpowered thing in Ark? ›

Giganotosaurus is the strongest of all the tamable creatures in Ark. However, there are bosses in the game that are even 10 times more powerful than Giganotosaurus. Moreover, you can go with a Rex that is quite more aggressive than a Giganotosaurus.

What is the rarest Dino in Ark Lost island? ›

The Phoenix is by far the rarest creature in all of ARK: Survival Evolved. Not only does just one spawn per map, but it will also need to be a heatwave for the mythical beast to appear. It will only ever appear on the Scorched Earth map, however it will re-spawn if the heatwave continues.

What special dinos are on Lost island? ›

As the first official community map, ARK Lost Island offers three different, unique monsters that can't be found anywhere else – the Amargasaurus, Dinopithecus and Sinomacrops.


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