Rebirth Champions X Value List Wiki 2023 (April) Best Pets (2023)

This is a Rebirth Champions X value list for each pet currently in the game. It has been created by the community and will be updated regularly.

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Rebirth Champions X Value List Wiki 2023 (April) Best Pets (1)

The list is intended to give an overview of which are the best and rarest pets in the game.

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What do the Values Mean?

The value of each pet is based on how many Tokens they are estimated to be worth. Tokens are a new in-game currency that can be bought with Robux and traded for pets.

Rebirth Champions X Value List

Updated March 17, 2023
Added new pets and adjusted values.

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This is the main value list. You can filter pets by rarity.

This list has been compiled by the Rebirth Champions X Discord community. Huge credit and thanks to them for putting effort into making it!


O/C = Owner’s Choice for the price.

Fire Shard100,000O/CN/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 3
Hacker Dragon60,000N/AN/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 2
Dreamy God50,000200,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 3
5M Immortal18,000O/CO/CO/CO/CLimited Tier 2 Secret
Snowman Dragon17,50070,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 2
Fire Star15,000O/CN/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 3
Moon Knight12,00048,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 3
Dark Soul10,00040,000O/CO/CN/AShop Exclusive Tier 3
Godly Butterfly9,50038,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 3
King of Tutel9,00027,00081,000243,000729,000Limited Mysterious
Galaxy Dragon7,50030,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 2
Happy Bananna7,50030,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 1
Bread7,00021,00063,000189,000567,000Shop Exclusive Tier 1
50M Orbit6,25018,75056,250168,750506,250Limited Tier 3 Secret
Immortal Shard6,00024,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 2
Eternal Bell6,00018,00054,000162,000486,000Limited Mysterious
Jack O Lantern5,50016,50049,500148,500445,500Limited Mysterious
Special 30K Pets5,00015,00045,000135,000405,000Exclusive
Baguette 4,50018,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 1
75M Firework King4,00012,00036,000108,000324,000Limited Mysterious
Easter Tutel3,70011,10033,30099,900299,700Limited Tier 3 Secret
Mysterious 60M Destroyer3,0009,00027,00081,000243,000Limited Mysterious
Destructed Crystal3,0009,00027,00081,000243,000Permanent Tier 1 Secret
90M Immortal Gem3,0009,00027,00081,000243,000Limited Mysterious
Santa Champion3,0009,00027,00081,000243,000Limited Mysterious
Eternal Sun2,75011,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 2
Fish Lord2,5007,50022,50067,500202,500Limited Mysterious
Halloween Immortal2,0006,00018,00054,000162,000Limited Mysterious
Autumn King1,7507,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 3
Angeloid1,7507,000N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 3
10M Beast1,6004,80014,400O/CO/CTier 2 Secret
Megalodon1,5004,50013,50040,500121,500Limited Mysterious
95M Cupcake1,5004,50013,50040,500121,500Limited Mysterious
50M Beast1,2003,60010,80032,40097,200Limited Tier 2 Secret
Star Champion1,0003,0009,00027,00067,500Mysterious
Alien Tutel1,0003,0009,00027,00067,500Permanent Tier 3 Secret
Palm Gem1,0003,0009,00027,00081,000Limited Tier 2 Secret
Destructed Planet1,0003,0009,00027,00081,000Mysterious
100M Terminator1,0003,0009,00027,00081,000Limited Mysterious
2023 Immortal1,0003,0009,00027,00081,000Limited Mysterious
Hacker Robot9252,7758,32524,97574,925Mysterious
Happy Sun8003,200O/CN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 1
Multiverse God8002,4007,20021,60064,800Mysterious
Royal Kitsune8003,200N/AN/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 2
60M Split7502,2504,5009,00018,000Limited Tier 2 Secret
Neon Champion7502,2506,75020,25060,750Mysterious
Sun Lord7502,2506,75020,25060,750Mysterious
Aqua Monster7502,2506,75020,25060,750Mysterious
Saturn King7302,1906,57019,71059,130Mysterious
Solar System7002,1006,30018,90047,250Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Shadow Owl7002,1006,30018,90056,700Mysterious
Ancient Warrior7002,1006,30018,90056,700Mysterious
Mutated Shark7002,1006,30018,90056,700Mysterious
Anniversary Cake7002,1006,30018,900O/CLimited Mysterious
Exotic Beast6251,8755,62516,87550,625Mysterious
Ancient Lava Guardian6251,8755,62516,87550,625Mysterious
King Axolotl6001,8005,40016,20048,600Mysterious
Potion Monster6001,8005,40016,20048,600Mysterious
Pixel Portal6001,8005,40016,20048,600Mysterious
Magic Conch6001,8005,40016,20048,600Mysterious
The Kraken6001,8005,40016,20048,600Mysterious
Ocean Phoenix5751,7255,17515,52546,575Mysterious
Autumn Leaf4001,6006,400N/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 1
Egg Overlord3259752,9258,77526,325Limited Tier 2 Secret
Robux Book3001,2004,800N/AN/AShop Exclusive Tier 1
King Bunny2758252,4757,42522,275Limited Tier 2 Secret
Solar Tutel2758252,4757,42522,275Limited Tier 2 Secret
Frank-O-Bot2758252,4757,42522,275Limited Tier 2 Secret
Palm Island2507502,2506,75020,250Limited Tier 1 Secret
50M Trophy2407202,1606,48019,440Limited Tier 1 Secret
5M Trophy2251,0134,55620,50361,509Limited Tier 1 Secret
Easter King2004008001,6003,200Limited Robux
75M Hexagon2006001,8005,40016,200Limited Tier 2 Secret
90M Divine Crystal2006001,8005,40016,200Limited Tier 2 Secret
Headless Horseman2006001,8005,40016,200Limited Tier 2 Secret
Festive Serenity2006001,8005,40016,200Limited Tier 2 Secret
10M Trophy1755251,5754,72514,175Tier 1 Secret
King Star1755251,5754,72514,175Permanent Robux
Water Monster1755251,5754,72514,175Permanent Robux
Magma King1755251,5754,72514,175Permanent Robux
Giant Kraken1755251,5754,72514,175Limited Tier 2 Secret
50M Creature1503006001,2002,400Limited Robux
95M Music Master1504501,3504,05012,150Limited Tier 2 Secret
Galactic Gryphon1404201,2603,7809,450Permanent Tier 2 Secret
60M Trophy1354051,2153,64510,935Limited Tier 1 Secret
Easter Immortal 1252505001,0002,000Limited Robux
60M Star1252505001,0002,000Limited Robux
Huge Present1253751,1253,37510,125Limited Tier 2 Secret
50M King1003009002,7008,100Limited Mythical
Easter Star1003009002,7008,100Limited Mythical
2023 Shard1003009002,7008,100Limited Tier 2 Secret
Alien Creature912738192,4576,143Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Cerberus792377112,1335,333Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Mars Lord752256752,0255,063Permanent Tier 2 Secret
King Dragon752256752,0256,075Permanent Robux
Water Dragon752256752,0256,075Permanent Robux
Magma Star752256752,0256,075Permanent Robux
100M Trophy752256752,0256,075Limited Tier 2 Secret
Easter Creature702106301,8905,670Limited Tier 1 Secret
50M Defender701402805601,120Limited Robux
Flower Guardian701402106305,670Season 1 Premium Pass
Tiki Protector601805401,6204,860Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Godly Shark601805401,6204,860Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Coral Dragon601805401,6204,860Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Spring Immortal551101654954,455Season 1 Premium Pass
Molten Smith551654951,4854,455Permanent Tier 2 Secret
60M Trio50100200400800Limited Robux
Shadow Skull501504501,3504,050Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Aqua Gem501504501,3504,050Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Enchanted Beast501504501,3504,050Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Tetris Master501504501,3504,050Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Cavern Leviathan501504501,3504,050Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Roksek Trophy501504501,350O/CLimited Tier 5 Secret
Christmas Tree501504501,3504,050Limited Event Exclusive
Egg King45901354053,645Easter Premium Pass
Destructed Bat451354051,2153,645Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Godly Axolotl451354051,2153,645Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Neon Star401203601,0803,240Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Black Hole401203601,0803,240Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Ancient Moai401203601,0803,240Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Tutel Trophy401203601,0803,240Limited Tier 1 Secret
Woiz Trophy401203601,080O/CLimited Tier 4 Secret
Eternal Egg351053159452,835Limited Tier 1 Secret
King Hexagon351053159452,835Permanent Robux
Water Shard351053159452,835Permanent Robux
Magma Monster351053159452,835Permanent Robux
Spring Dragon35701053152,835Season 1 Premium Pass
Treasure Map351053159452,835Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Devil Gem351053159452,835Limited Tier 1 Secret
Christmas Island351053159452,835Limited Tier 1 Secret
Egg Shard3060902702,430Easter Premium Pass
Ice Overlord3060902702,430Season 2 Premium Pass
Sun Phoenix30902708102,430Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Saturn Elemental30902708102,430Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Hacker Lord30902708102,430Permanent Tier 2 Secret
75M Trophy30902708102,430Limited Tier 1 Secret
90M Trophy30902708102,430Limited Tier 1 Secret
95M Trophy30902708102,430Limited Tier 1 Secret
Christmas Cup30902708102,430Limited Tier 1 Secret
Steampunk Jellyfish26782347021,755Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Kraken Shard25752256752,025Limited Tier 1 Secret
Pumpkin Shard25752256752,025Limited Tier 1 Secret
Firework Barrel25752256752,025Limited Tier 1 Secret
Bitboy Trophy2575225675O/CLimited Tier 3 Secret
Magic Creature20601805401,350Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Volcano Overlord2040601801,620Season 2 Premium Pass
Adaspo Trophy2060180540O/CLimited Tier 2 Secret
Tree Tutel20601805401,620Limited Event Exclusive
Zombie Tutel18541624861,215Permanent Tier 2 Secret
5M Overlord18541624861,458Limited Mythical
Easter Hexagon1530451351,215Easter Premium Pass
Fire Golem1530451351,215Season 2 Premium Pass
Igor trophy1545135405O/CLimited Tier 1 Secret
Void God1339117351878Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Blob Fish1236108324972Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Molten Dragon1236108324972Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Nuclear Lord113399297743Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Alien Hexagon113399297743Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Glitched King11223399891Season 3 Premium Pass
Huge Robot103090270675Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Divine Harp103090270675Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Devil103090270675Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Mars Heart103090270675Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Easter Basket103090270810Exclusive
100M Immortal103090270810Limited Tier 1 Secret
100M Immortal Balloon103090270810Limited Event Exclusive
Prismatic Pyramid92781243608Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Crystal Master92781243608Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Crystal Gem92781243608Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Gear Immortal92781243608Permanent Tier 1 Secret
King Snake92781243729Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Reaper Immortal82472216540Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Sun King82472216540Permanent Tier 1 Secret
10M Immortal82472216648Limited Mythical
Spring Soul8162472648Season 1 Pass
Grotto Terror82472216648Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Captain's Spectre82472216648Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Void King72163189473Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Neon Shard72163189567Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Ancient Starfish72163189567Permanent Tier 1 Secret
5M Dragon61854162486Limited Legendary
Glitched Dragon6121854486Season 3 Premium Pass
Hacker Shard61854162486Permanent Tier 1 Secret
King Of Light61854162486Permanent Tier 1 Secret
King Jellyfish61854162486Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Monster Axolotl61854162486Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Mutated Dragon61854162486Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Pixel Creature61854162486Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Ocean Monster61854162486Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Nuclear Overlord51545135338Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Flower Spirit5101545405Season 1 Pass
Elemental Split5101545405Season 2 Pass
Surf Turtle51545135405Limited Mythical
Shadow Hexagon51545135405Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Sun Hydra51545135405Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Saturn Core51545135405Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Heaven Soul41236108270Permanent Tier 1 Secret
10M Hexagon41236108324Limited Mythical
60M Gift41236108324Mythical
Fire Bee41236108N/AShop Exclusive Tier 2
Galaxy Hexagon392781203Permanent Tier 2 Secret
50M Split392781243Limited Mythical
Spring Bunny36927243Season 1 Pass
Elemental Spirit36927243Season 2 Pass
Glitched TV36927243Season 3 Premium Pass
60M Ninja39183672Mythical
Magic Shard261854135Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Chocolate Dragon261854162Limited Legendary
Glitched Hexagon24618162Season 3 Pass
Glitched Guardian24618162Season 3 Pass
Parrot261854162Summer 2022 Premium Pass
Teddy Bear261854N/AShop Exclusive Tier 1
Phoenix1392768Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Cyber Immortal1392768Permanent Tier 1 Secret
50M Heart1392781Limited Mythical
Easter Dragon1392781Limited Mythical
Easter Split1392781Limited Mythical
Mars Warrior1261844Mythical
Shadow Dragon1251434Exclusive
Fire Rock123981Season 2 Pass
Glitched Pixel123981Season 3 Pass
Panda1251441Summer 2022 Pass
Anniversary Firework13927O/CLimited Mythical
Anniversary Dragon12514O/CLimited Legendary
Summer Hydra1315O/CO/CSummer 2022 Pass
Candy Corn1420O/CO/CHalloween 2022 Pass
Witch1525O/CO/CHalloween 2022 Pass
Alien Immortal00000Mythical
Crimson Skull00000Mythical
Sand Overlord00011Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Snow Overlord00011Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Lava Immortal00126Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Planet King012718Permanent Tier 1 Secret
50M Monster00138Limited Legendary
Immortal Carrot00138Limited Legendary
King Crab00000Mythical
Sea Monster00000Mythical
Desert Monster00000Mythical
Ice Dragon00000Mythical
Lava Overlord00000Mythical
Star Overlord00001Mythical
Cyber Dragon00001Mythical
Magic Immortal00001Mythical
Angel Overlord00001Mythical
Nuclear Dragon00013Mythical
Void Overlord00124Mythical
Bone Overlord00126Mythical
Crystal Overlord00149Mythical
Steampunk Overlord012513Mythical
Hell Overlord013820Mythical
Space Guardian00000Mythical
Egg Cube00014Easter Pass
Carrot001412Easter Pass
Egg Dragon0141236Easter Pass
Puzonik00000Twitter Code
Roblerom00000Twitter Code
Fmakju00000Twitter Code
Pedro00000Twitter Code
Holix00000Twitter Code
Roksek00000Twitter Code
Tedy00000Twitter Code
60M Guardian012516Limited Legendary
60M Hydra013824Limited Legendary
Coco Overlord012720Limited Mythical
Coco Warrior012516Limited Legendary
Surf Shark012516Limited Legendary
Giant Potion012516
Lab King012516
Potion Overseer012516
Lab Trio012516
Fantasy Creature012516Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Fantasy God012516Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Ancient King012516Mysterious
Fantasy Immortal00000Mythical
Shadow Defender012516Mythical
Destructed Star00000Mythical
Sun Defender00000Mythical
Saturn Dragon00000Mythical
Hacker Immortal00000Mythical
Sleepy Sun00000Mythical
Glitched Axolotl00000Mythical
Shattered Champ00000Mythical
Sea Slug00000Mythical
Ancient Immortal00000Mythical
Forbidden Treasure00000Mythical
Crab Breaker00000Mythical
Exotic Fish00000Mythical
Ocean Dragon00000Mythical
Volcano Monster00000Mythical
75M Cake012720Limited Mythical
75M Firework00138Limited Legendary
Tutel Dragon012720Limited Mythical
Magic Tutel00138Limited Legendary
90M Hyper Lord012720Limited Mythical
90M TV00138Limited Legendary
95M Overlord012720Limited Mythical
95M Alien00138Limited Legendary
100M Pegasus012720Limited Mythical
100M Cyclop00138Limited Legendary
Royal Kraken012720Limited Mythical
Kraken Bee00138Limited Legendary
Pumpkin King012720Limited Mythical
Frankenstein00138Limited Legendary
Evil Overlord012720Limited Mythical
Devil Heart00138Limited Legendary
Santa's Sledge012720Limited Mythical
Snow Hexagon00138Limited Legendary
Blizzard Dragon012720Limited Mythical
Frozen Bee00138Limited Legendary
2023 Hydra012720Limited Mythical
2023 Heart00138Limited Legendary
Summer Ball015O/CO/CSummer 2022 Pass
Summer Hydra0210O/CO/CSummer 2022 Pass
Black Cat0210O/CO/CHalloween 2022 Pass
(Video) ALL 8 PEARL LOCATIONS In Roblox REBIRTH CHAMPIONS X! How To Craft The Aqua Amulet!

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Play Rebirth Champions X on Roblox!

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What is the code for rebirth champion? ›

All Rebirth Champions X Codes
50mDouble luck boostActive
100kthanksDouble rebirth boostsActive
75kthanksDouble luck boostActive
thanksfor50kOne luck boostActive
61 more rows
Apr 8, 2023

What is a rebirth in Roblox? ›

Rebirthing is the process of giving up all the Cash and Upgrades you have for Multiplier. Multiplier increases the money you get upon picking up a Cash, Tix, or Money Bag, (i.e. with a 2x multiplier, 5K cash would be 10K cash when picked up.). This is one of the biggest factors in the game.

What is the 8 digit code for Rebirth Island? ›

Enter 42514627 code and you will unlock the Easter egg as well in the game.

How do you get rebirth vault codes? ›

After you've interacted with all six remotes, a red phone on the second floor of the prison will ring. Answer it, and it will spit out the 8-digit code needed to open any of the vaults. Keep in mind, just like the remotes, the access code is different for each match.

What is the glitch in rebirth? ›

Warzone Pacific players are frustrated with a new Rebirth Reinforced glitch that lets them get underneath the surface of the map. A bizarre new Warzone Pacific glitch has been discovered that allows players to hide beneath the surface of the Rebirth Reinforced map and take out their enemies above.

When was rebirth removed? ›

The game will go offline temporarily on November 16, 2022, before returning on November 28. When it does so, it will only include the large Caldera map; Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep will no longer be playable when Warzone Caldera launches.

What is perma death in Roblox? ›

Permadeath or permanent death is a game mechanic in both tabletop games and video games in which player characters who lose all of their health are considered dead and cannot be used anymore.

What is the rebirth bank code? ›

Assemble The Code And Open The Bunker On Rebirth Island

000 - 00 - 000.

How big is Rebirth Island? ›

Meanwhile, the smallest battle royale map in the series as of right now is Warzone 1's Rebirth Island, which stands at 152,865m^2.

Is there a vault in Rebirth Island? ›

Near Bioweapons Lab and Docks

This vault is found below the shack between the Dock and Bioweapons Lab POIs, which is on the northwest coast of Rebirth Island.

How many vaults are in rebirth? ›

How to open the three Golden Vaults on Call Of Duty Warzone's Rebirth Island map. Three mysterious Golden Vaults are now accessible on Call Of Duty: Warzone's Rebirth Island map. The vaults have been around since the map's latest overhaul, but players haven't been able to access them until now.

What are the codes for the vault? ›

Geometry Dash vault codes (April 2023)
SpookyShy Guy icon
7 more rows
Apr 2, 2023

What is the fastest killing gun in rebirth? ›

Thanks to stats from, we can see that the fastest killing close-range weapon in both Caldera and Rebirth Island is the Marco 5 SMG with the Akimbo Perk.

How do you win more rebirth? ›

Rebirth Resurgence Tips and Strategies
  1. Every player will start the game with a Self-Revive. You lose it once you die.
  2. Loot anything and everything as soon as you land. Don't worry about what you pick up at the start. There's a high chance an enemy team lands with you that you'll need to deal with them first.
Jan 1, 2022

Will Warzone 1 still be playable? ›

Warzone 1 is still playable as Warzone Caldera on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. The game no longer receives content updates and it only has the legacy battle royale maps. Resurgence is not available in Warzone Caldera but the game mode is likely to come in Warzone 2.0 in the future.

Will rebirth be gone forever? ›

Rebirth Island And Fortune's Keep Are Officially Gone Forever.

Can you get UN perma banned on Roblox? ›

You can contact the Roblox Appeals team to review the situation if your account has been banned or moderated. The Appeals team will give the moderation a second look and make any necessary adjustments to your account's moderation status. Submitting an appeal does not guarantee your ban will be removed.

What is Roblox infected? ›

Unfortunately, sometimes players create packages or plugins that don't really do what is advertised or may even cause strange and undesired behavior. These are known as infected, and are just regular packages or plugins that have bad scripts in them.

What is level 8 in apeirophobia Roblox? ›

Like every other level, Level 8 has Players looking for an exit. The Players must navigate from Area 1 to Area 2. They will do this by traversing past the dining room. After this, the players must once again navigate to the northwest corner of Area 2 to find the vent which takes them to Level 9.

What is the code for the rebirth room? ›

Assemble The Code And Open The Bunker On Rebirth Island

Your final code will look something like this: 000 - 00 - 000.

How do you get the rebirth yellow door code? ›

How to open Rebirth Island's yellow door in Warzone Season 1
  1. On Rebirth Island, look for the open briefcase with three images.
  2. Visit each of the locations depicted in the photos.
  3. Make a note of the numbers found at each of the three sites.
  4. Put the numbers in the correct order using the "-" on each one.
Feb 7, 2022

What does the key card unlock in rebirth? ›

These Perseus, Vikhor, and Forgotten Rebirth keycards can be found in Shipping and Receiving, Headquarters Command Center and Bioweapons Labs. Each opens a vault that will let you access cash, as well as a options like an Advanced UAV, Loadout Drop Marker, Munitions Box, and Specialist Bonus in Call of Duty Warzone.

How do you open the secret room in Rebirth Island? ›

You can find 13 briefcases around Rebirth Island, and these are the first clue to getting the Yellow Door open. They do have set spawns, but only one spawns every gam,e so you'll likely need to search around to find it.

Where is the bunker in rebirth? ›

Just below the unnamed area between Docks and BioWeapon Lab, in the area by the water. If you're at Decon and head to the water you'll find it. On the bottom floor of Nova 6 Factory.

What are the bunker codes in Warzone? ›

All Warzone Bunker Codes

Farmland – 49285163. South Junkyard – 97264138. North Junkyard – 87624851. Park (nuke) – 60274513.

How do you open the Nova bunker? ›

Open The Bunker
  1. Find 6 TV remotes on toilets in prison block.
  2. A phone will ring.
  3. Listen to the code the phone gives you.
  4. Go enter it at one of the golden vaults.
  5. Profit
May 26, 2022

What is the code for the Nova 6 door? ›

The Poison Cabinet can be opened using the code 16-75-60. Unlocking it allows you access to the Nova-6 Poison, one of the solutions in the story mission "Desperate Measures". Note that this code is fixed and does not change per playthrough.

Where does Victor's keycard go? ›

Here's everything you need to know about all the Warzone Rebirth Reinforced vault keycard locations: Vikhor's Keycard: Inside the Headquarters POI. The Forgotten Keycard: Inside Bioweapon Labs POI. The Perseus Keycard: Inside a building south of the Nova 6 Lab POI.

What is the most famous gaming cheat code? ›

In its most famous form, the Konami Code was Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A — a series of buttons that many kids had burned into their memory. Without the code to give you 30 extra lives in Contra, beating the game was all but impossible – and it still wasn't a cakewalk with the code.

What are game cheat codes? ›

In essence, a cheat code modifies a core function of a game that affects gameplay in some way. Put into simpler terms, they modify what a player can and can't do. For the most part, cheat codes help the player — as in the case of invincibility or infinite ammo cheat codes.


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