The 10 Best Games to Play When You're Bored (2023)

Sometimes boredom strikes, whether you're commuting to work or relaxing on the weekend. However, you don't have to let boredom get you down. Online and mobile games are a great way to unwind while exercising your brain at the same time. Here's a list of our favorite games to play when bored.


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Best Match-3 Boredom Buster: Candy Crush Saga

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What We Like

  • New levels are added every two weeks.

  • A variety of game modes.

  • Levels are available online and offline.

What We Don't Like

  • It can feel repetitive after a while.

  • Later levels are punishingly hard.

Candy Crush Saga is popular because of its eye-popping interface and easy-to-understand gameplay. It's the best game for those who enjoy match-3 puzzle games with tons of levels that vary in difficulty.

It's available to play online as well as on Android and iOS devices. It's free to download and play, but it includes in-app purchases.

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Best Arcade Game for Zombie Lovers: Plants vs. Zombies

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What We Like

  • The gameplay is easy to learn and becomes more challenging over time.

  • Fifty levels plus a survival mode.

  • The charming art style and presentation.

What We Don't Like

  • The relentless ads.

  • The music cuts out often.

What started as a unique one-off game has turned into a beloved franchise. The original Plants vs. Zombies is a fun arcade-style game that involves growing plants in your garden to ward off zombie visitors.

The franchise includes the original, Plants vs. Zombies 2, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, and more. The original is still great, though, and it's available on Android and iOS devices.

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Best Game for Quick Action: Crossy Road

The 10 Best Games to Play When You're Bored (3)

What We Don't Like

  • A slight learning curve.

  • Some ads, but you can pay $1 to get rid of ads.

  • Earning coins can feel like a grind.

Do you remember Frogger? Crossy Road is a new and improved version but without the beloved frog. To play, guide a host of animals across highways and more in an adventure that's perfect for when you're bored.

Crossy Road has over 200 million downloads due to its addicting gameplay. It's available for iOS and Android devices and is free to download, but it does offer in-app purchases.

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Best Game for a Hint of Nostalgia: Super Mario Emulator

The 10 Best Games to Play When You're Bored (4)

What We Like

  • It looks exactly like the original Super Mario Bros.

  • It's free.

What We Don't Like

  • Ads may get in the way of gameplay.

  • It's probably not legal and could get removed at any time.

There's nothing better than a plumber throwing fireballs at turtles, especially when the plumber's name is Mario. Super Mario Bros. lives on thanks to this online emulator. From going down tunnels to jumping onto flags, this online game can provide hours of enjoyment. The Super Mario Emulator is available online for desktop play using a keyboard.


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Best Casual Puzzle Game: Two Dots

The 10 Best Games to Play When You're Bored (5)

What We Like

  • A perfect mix of adventure and puzzle gameplay.

  • Includes 2,800 levels.

  • The beautiful and minimalist design.

What We Don't Like

  • Powerups and extra moves are hard to get without spending money.

  • Ads can occasionally crash the app.

  • Scavenger hunts require coins to play.

Anawarding-winning adventure, Two Dots is perfect for casual play. Saga and puzzle lovers will enjoy Two Dots' matching games, weekly treasure hunts, and playing endlessly in Expedition mode. The game is visually stunning, easy to learn, and completely addicting.

Two Dots is the follow-up to Dots and also has another sibling: Dots & Co. It's free to download and play on all Android and iOS devices.

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Best Game for Music Lovers: Incredibox

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What We Like

  • You don't need to be a DJ to make a good mix.

  • Automatic mode creates mixes for you.

  • Enhance tunes with unlockable animated choruses.

What We Don't Like

  • It costs more on Android than on iOS.

  • The saved music library could be easier to navigate.

  • Bluetooth support is a bit buggy.

If you love making music, you'll have fun with Incredibox. While other games in this list deal with nostalgia or classic puzzle gameplay, Incredibox puts the power of beatboxing and making unique melodies on your mobile device. Choose from one of six musical styles, then drag and drop melodies, sound effects, beats,and voices to create a custom mix. You can record your new track to share on social media and potentially enter the Top 50.

Incredibox is available to download on Android for $4.49 and on iOS devices for $3.99.

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Best Story-Driven Puzzler: Gardenscapes

The 10 Best Games to Play When You're Bored (7)

What We Like

  • Many different areas to fix up.

  • Lots of NPCs to befriend.

  • Hundreds of match-3 levels.

What We Don't Like

  • Higher levels are difficult to complete without purchasing in-app extras.

  • Cross-device saving only works with a Facebook account.

  • Minigames show up infrequently.

Gardening and puzzling come together to form Gardenscapes, a fun and engaging match-3 game. During its story mode, you restore your garden to its original glory through fun puzzles and unique challenges. Decorate your virtual garden with flowers, plants, and decor. Get a butler. Befriend a cute dog!

Gardenscapes is free to download and play for both iOS and Android devices.

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Most Addicting Building Game: Age of 2048

The 10 Best Games to Play When You're Bored (8)

What We Like

  • The simple but challenging gameplay.

  • Each civilization gets its own background music.

  • The bright, clean art style.

What We Don't Like

  • The clunky controls.

  • Accidental swipes can cause the game to end.

Age of 2048: Civilization City Building Games is a unique, fast-paced city builder and puzzler all in one. Starting at the beginning of time, you match civilization blocks to one another to build new structures. You move throughout history, discovering unique world wonders. Be careful, though. Each move you make adds a new block to the gameplay area.

Age of 2048 is free to download and play on Android and iOS devices. It offers in-app purchases if you desire to use them.

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Best Brain Teaser: Unpuzzle 2

The 10 Best Games to Play When You're Bored (9)

What We Like

  • It's challenging enough to be fun, but simple so that it isn't frustrating.

  • The relaxing but repetitive background music.

What We Don't Like

  • There's no explanation on what to do.

  • No mobile versions.

Everything you knew about putting together a jigsaw puzzle is no longer correct. That's the idea behind Unpuzzle 2. When you begin playing this online game, you see a puzzle on the screen that's put together. Your goal is to take apart the puzzle piece by piece. It sounds simple, but you soon find out that interlocking pieces cannot move until others move around them. It's challenging, it's unique, and it's addicting, all rolled into one.

Unpuzzle 2 is only available as a free-to-play game online. There are no mobile versions at this time.


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Best Social Sim Game: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The 10 Best Games to Play When You're Bored (10)

What We Like

  • The charming visuals and characters.

  • It contains over 1,000 pieces of furniture and 300 pieces of clothing and accessories.

  • It's continually updated with new and seasonal content.

What We Don't Like

  • It's not as fully-featured as the main series.

  • It's too reliant on leaf ticket currency.

  • It needs more ways to interact with friends.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a mobile spinoff of Nintendo's popular social simulator franchise. It gives you a campsite and lets you decorate it however you want. Build an open-air cafe, an outdoor music festival, or an amusement park. You meet charming animal campers along the way and can invite them over for a visit.

Pocket Camp is available on Android and iOS. It's free with in-app purchases.

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