Why Does My Kittens Poop Smell So Bad (2023)

1. Why Does My Cat's Poop Smell So Bad? 7 Causes and Solutions

  • Jun 15, 2022 · #3 Parasites. Intestinal parasites are a common cause of smelly stool of all cat ages, from kittens to adults. An intestinal parasite can be ...

  • Want to learn more about your feline friend? Our cat blog covers topics from common questions to interest-piquing trends. Learn from our experts at PrettyLitter!

2. Why do My Cat's Stools Smell so Bad? - Pet Health Network

  • Aug 27, 2014 · The cause for foul smelling stools in cats or humans can be very similar. It can be the food eaten, the bacteria in the colon1, and on occasion ...

  • Does your cat's stool smell real bad? This blog will help you find out why.

3. Why Does My Cat's Poop Smell So Bad? Causes And Remedies

  • Aug 18, 2020 · Introducing new foods to your kitty's diet or parasite-related inflammation can cause your cat's stool to stink in the litter box.


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4. Causes of Foul Smelling Faeces in Kittens - Animed Direct

  • Mar 5, 2015 · “Normal” stools for cats should be formed and firm. They should not be overly hard, soft or runny in consistency with no unusually strong smell.

  • If you notice that your kitten has stools that smell bad, there may be a few reasons why. Here are some common culprits for foul smelling faeces in kittens.

5. Why Does My Cat's Poop Smell So Bad? | Great Pet Care

  • May 14, 2022 · There are some reasons your cat's poop may smell particularly bad: Diet. If your cat's diet is not well-balanced or it is hard to digest, she ...

    (Video) A Vet's Guide to Cat Poop

  • Trying to figure out why your cat's poop stinks? Find out what could be causing particularly foul litter box odors.

6. Why Does My Cat's Poop Smell So Bad? (Fixing Stinky Cat Poop!)

  • Feb 24, 2023 · Often, an infected GI tract can result in some really pungent smells. While you can take some time to see if any digestive issues have to do ...

  • Ever wondered, "why does my cat's poop smell so bad?" Ha! Most cat owners have! But in some cases, there may be an underlying health issue.

7. Cat Poo - What Can it Tell you About Cat Health - Petplan

  • Feb 10, 2020 · The odour of healthy cat poo should be mild and barely noticeable. Smelly faeces is usually a sign of an issue in the stomach or intestines – ...

    (Video) How to Reduce Cat Odor & Cat Poop Odor | Cat Care

  • Cleaning up your cat’s poo can feel like a chore but noticing changes in colour or blood in cat poo can help indicate to you some important changes in your cat’s health.

8. Why Does Cat Poop Smell So Bad? - Two Crazy Cat Ladies

  • Jun 15, 2022 · Foods like a dry kibble that are made up of a lot of carbs can cause digestive issues which will cause smelly poops. If you switch up your cat's ...

  • Let's face it, no one's feces smells like roses. However, if the cat poop smell in your home is overwhelming, this blog is for you... 

9. Do kittens poop normally smell worse than adults? - TheCatSite

  • Mar 8, 2021 · Rules my home with an iron paw ... It sure can. So long as amount, texture, color and frequency are normal, it's just Kitten Poop Stink. However, ...

    (Video) Kitten Poop: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Them Healthy

  • i have 2 kittens around 6 months old. their poop really stinks. i put arm and hammer deodorizer when i scoop it out (which is everyday) and have an automatic air freshener near the litter boxes. my last cat that i also had when she was a kitten, also had the same problem, but i believe it was...

10. Holy cat! Why does cat poop smell so bad? - South Charlotte Weekly

  • Dec 27, 2022 · This is why their poop smells worse than the poop of other animals, as the higher concentration of protein and fat makes it much more pungent.

  • Have you ever wondered why cat poop smells so bad? It’s a question that has perplexed many cat owners and their housemates. We all know that cats’ litter boxes can

11. Why Does My Cat's Poop Smell So Bad? How To Help - Cats.com

  • Feb 28, 2023 · As carnivores, cats naturally have smelly poop, but particularly strong odors or changes in fecal odor can point to health issues. 02. Remember ...

    (Video) Cat Health: Diarrhea

  • Wondering why your cat's poop smells so bad? Get the answers in this vet-written guide to cat poop smell and what it means.

12. Cat Poop: What Do Colour, Consistency and Smell Tell You

  • The smell of your cat's poop. If you notice changes in the way your cat poop's smells this could be the result of intestinal parasites or even bleeding in the ...

  • Your cat’s stools offer a valuable window into your pet’s health. Find out how to tell when everything is normal and what signs should prompt you to call the vet.


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